Unexpected Ways Travel Will Change You



If you are well on your way into your travels or, just contemplating starting out, your journey will change you. That is for sure. Of course, you hope this will happen but the truth is your travels may well change you far more than you thought. Here are some thoughts on that transformation.

You come out of your shell.

You are forced to. It’s impossible not too. You can plan as much as you like. You can organise the cheap flights and even the trains. Perhaps not the buses, though! But you won’t be able to cater for the surprises and delays that will crop up. And having to deal with those challenges means that you’ll suddenly have to cope. This is especially true in countries such as India and Malaysia, and even in places like Ireland or Greece.

Timetables are different; expectations are different. You’ll find yourself constantly having to adjust your expectations. That will bring elements of your character out from inside. There may well be parts of you, you didn’t know existed! You’ll find yourself becoming assertive and even demanding. You’ll find your belief in the queue quickly diminishing in countries that may surprise you. Be prepared to bring on the tougher, more resilient you.

Experiencing different cultures will change your viewpoint.

You’ve seen it on TV and read about it, but nothing can ever prepare you for the massive shock of being in another culture. It will happen as soon as you step foot in Africa, or the safer parts of the Middle East. It makes sense to work with travel forums. Hee you’ll be able to read about and interact with real people in the places you want to go to. The India travel community is well represented online, and you’ll find a wealth of information and tips to help your Indian adventure. As you travel and the more people you meet, you’ll find that your tolerance for the differences will increase. You will find that you are less afraid and more understanding. Your mind will be broadened.

On occasions, that culture change may well be shocking. The practice of backpacking and sharing dorms is very levelling. Outside of these zones life may well challenge you. You have to stay calm and not overreact. This is life for many people, and often travellers from the West find the reality difficult to accept. But through that you’ll glimpse simplicity and beauty. You might find that you don’t need all the things around you that you once took for granted. When you reach this point, you’ll know that you have come across a real travel milestone.

Your perspective will change.

Most people who travel come back with a different perspective on life. You’ll come back home to people who haven’t had the journey. You might find that you don’t have as much in common as you once thought. You might find yourself mildly dissatisfied with the life you had before. But that is why you went away. You will find, no matter what age you are, that you will have grown, And the best thing about coming home? It is planning the next adventure!