Planning A Family Vacation To London? Read This

London is one of the greatest cities and ranks highly on most people’s ‘to do’ lists. If you’ve decided that it’s the destination for your next break, you’ve made a good choice.

The English capital is the perfect location to take a family adventure. However, as with any holiday destination, there are a few things you should know prior to the trip. These tips should ensure that you get the most out of your family vacation.





One of the greatest things about London is that there is so much to do. It is the city that makes Britain great, and no family would ever find themselves bored. However, it does mean that planning is required to ensure that you don’t miss out on the items that you are most eager to experience.

Your family can see London attractions on any day of the week, but you should try to plan to see the busiest ones at off-peak times. This will allow you to gain more enjoyment from the adventure, and also makes it easier to keep an eye on the kids.

A little spontaneity never hurt anyone. But if you want to get the most out of London, having a schedule is vital.

Understand Transport Links

Compared to some of the world’s other great cities, London is pretty small. Better still, it’s very easily navigated thanks to an advanced public transport network. However, it can be tricky for visitors to understand.

The London Underground can be particularly confusing if you’ve never used it before, not least due to the sheer volume of people using it. Download a smartphone App to plot your journeys prior to departure. Just be sure to screenshot the instructions as you won’t always get reception on the network.

If you understand the network, you’ll be able to navigate the city quickly. This leaves you more time to enjoy all the wonderful things it has to offer.



Book Decent Accommodation

The quality of your hotel can make a huge difference to any holiday. However, this factor plays an increasingly important role when you’ve travelled with children.

London is home to some of the greatest hotels in the world. However, you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune to get a fantastic place to stay. On the other hand, you must be sure that it’s clean and comfortable for the kids.

You could alternatively stay on the outskirts. Woking is a lovely town that’s just 22 minutes away from central London. Just remember to factor in those train costs.

Lower Costs

London is a truly marvellous city, but it is expensive. This can be especially true when travelling as a family. It is advised that you take heed of these tips to ensure you don’t blow your budget completely.

Meanwhile, you should search the internet to see if you can find discount coupons for the various attractions. Believe us, those savings will come in handy. Similarly, you can often find ticket booths offering deals on shows that have yet to sell out.

The trip to London is not going to be cheap, but you can make it manageable. Nonetheless, you can’t put a price on having the trip of a lifetime.