New Job? Why It’s The Perfect Excuse For A Shopping Spree

If it’s all change at your workplace and you’re about to get a new desk, then why not treat yourself to some great workplace accessories? After all, you’ve worked hard to earn that promotion. Now it’s time to celebrate with a little retail therapy to decorate your new office space.

One of the first things you’re going to need is a new handbag for work. Well, why not! If your new post comes with a tablet or laptop computer, you can treat yourself to a new bag that has a compartment for your new hardware. Don’t forget a little pocket for your smartphone. Do you bring in your own lunch? Some great bags come with thermal compartments to keep things hot or cold.

How about a new outfit? There are some gorgeous new suits for women in the fashion stores this season. If you’re not looking for an outfit, perhaps you can still use the excuse to grab yourself a new pair of shoes! If the pay rise doesn’t come in for a while, perhaps just a new scarf will be enough for now.

Your new desk is your new home for eight hours every day. Have a look for a fun desk calendar to help you personalize it. Do you have any photo stands? If not, you can check out some beautiful, themed ones online to hold the pics of the people (or pets) dearest to you. How about a gorgeous vase of flowers to mark your first day in your new position? Don’t forget to buy a new coffee mug too.


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If you are moving to a new department or office, you want to make a good impression on your new colleagues. You could bring in a box of chocolates or pastries to mark the occasion. It helps you strike up a conversation and get to know people. Of course, if everyone is on a diet, they might not thank you for the temptation! Healthy mini-muffins and fruit platters are very popular in offices right now, so you could try those instead.

When it comes to stationery, most workers are expected to shop for their own these days. You’ll need a couple of notepads and a set of pens and pencils. Staples and paper clips are also quite handy to have. There are some really cute themed stationery products out there at the moment. You can even have your stationery custom printed. One of the most important items you could need are sticky notes. They come in lots of different sizes and colors, and they too can be customized.

When you finally start your new position, you may be able to personalize your computer workspace. Do you have a favorite photo to put on as your screensaver? If you have your own office now, you might be able to decorate. Perhaps you have some inspirational posters to stick on the wall, or your favorite color scheme to get the creative juices flowing.

Starting a new role is exciting, but the shopping spree that goes with it is definitely an added bonus! Good luck in your new job!