Keep Your Bathroom Looking Stylish When You Have Kids

One of the biggest shocks for a new mom is how quickly the state of the home goes downhill. The bathroom, in particular, starts to look like a prepubescent bomb has exploded once your kids start to grow up. Suddenly, that one shelf is filled with more makeup than you ever had as a kid and the floors are hardly ever seen. The bath is looking a little worse for wear, and you don’t even want to approach what’s clogging up the shower drain. It’s a difficult situation to deal with, but there are ways of coping and making things a lot better.


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Clean It Up

I find myself cleaning the bathroom more regularly these days. I start off on the top shelves and work my way down to the floor. By the time I’m finished, the bathroom certainly looks a lot better, but it’s still not good enough. I’ve also found an extra trick of using scented cleaners. That way, at least the room smells great once I’m finished. Of course, after that the next day the kids start using it and soon enough it’s a mess.

Get Rid Of The Clutter

One of the ways my two little girls make the bathroom untidy is by leaving their stuff everywhere. I’m not kidding, I found the hair dryer on a shelf above the bath. It’s honestly given me “what women want” nightmares ever since. When confronted, they claimed there’s nowhere to put their items and accessories. Well, that excuse is now gone because I found a great vanity cabinet online to store everything in. It fits the general aesthetic of the room and looks great. Aside from that there’s no longer any hairdryers above my head which is always good to know.

Small Design Changes

My youngest is eight and still perfectly capable of breaking things around the home. I’ve learned to avoid buying expensive things that end up broken. Instead, I’ve been buying designers accessories and fixtures that are safe from prying hands. These are quite inexpensive so even if they do break it won’t be a huge loss. For instance, I’ve upgraded the taps and faucets in the bathroom to new designer models. These look great, and you can view the taps I chose online. They completely alter the perception I have of the bathroom.

Modify The Floors

For a while, I considered putting heat slabs down in the bathroom. There is something amazing about the idea of walking on a heated marble floor after a sensual shower. Alas, the cost was just a little too high so instead I’ve decided to improve the look of the floor. I discovered online that if you paint a layer of epoxy resin on a floor you can make any surface look like glass or water. I did this in my bathroom and it looks terrific, giving the room a unique feel

I hope you have found these tips useful. Remember none of them cost a fortune and they’ll certainly make you happier in a house where kids run wild.