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Interesting Concepts To Help You Stop Smoking



Are you trying to quit smoking? Perhaps you are heading into your thirties, and you don’t want this particular bad habit hanging over you head. We see what you’re struggling with, and we’ve been there. The question is what is the best way to do this. It’s true to say that some ways to quit smoking aren’t as effective as others. Indeed it can be argued that some solutions are actually worse than the problem. On this post we’ll examine some of the best ways to help you quit.

Easing Off

It’s been widely reported that quitting smoking completely is one of the worst ways to shake the addiction. Mainly this is due to the effect that a change like this could have on your body. You will experience withdrawal and that is something you want to avoid.

Instead, you might want to ease slowly off how much you smoke. The best way to do this is by switching to a different brand. You may not be aware but some brands have more nicotine in them than others. This makes them more addictive. If you try a different brand for a while, you might find it easier to quit. You can find all the different brands from Tobacco General.


Do you believe in hypnosis? You might and if you do you might want to try this to kick your habit. In the 90’s and late 2000s hypnotic tapes were popular choice for people who wanted to quit smoking. You could simply switch it on before you went to bed. You would then listen to the tape and subconsciously it would alter your desires while you slept. Essentially, the work of quitting was taken away from you. After all, it’s not difficult to sleep deeply listening to a soothing voice. But does it work? Researchers believe that it does and it can be very effective. But it will be based on your personality and just how addicted you are.

The Placebo

What is the placebo effect? Essentially it’s when you get the results of a drug even when you’re not taking it. It’s quite often found in medical studies. There are two groups of patients. One with the actual drug and another group given empty capsules. Research has shown time and time again some people in the second group will experience effects of the drug if they are told what it’s for. So where does smoking come into this? If you try herbal cigarettes you might find a similar type of effect. You can get the kick you need without actually taking in any nicotine at all.


Lastly, you might want to try acupuncture. Acupuncture is a form of therapy where needles are inserted into the body on pressure points. Research has shown this to be quite effective. The reason? By pressing down on these pressure zones, you can quash the pain of withdrawing from nicotine usage. It’s something you might want to try if you do decide to cut nicotine out your life completely.