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How To Stand Out At Your Christmas Party: Fashion and Beauty Tips

It’s the party season! Christmas is the perfect time to experiment with new and adventurous beauty and fashion styles as you have so many different functions to attend. We are here to help you find that look that will turn heads whether it is with a statement hat or a bold eye color. Follow these fashion and beauty tips and you are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd at your Christmas party.

7342054540_bedb6f4cd4_zImage from Flickr: Katya Zoom

  1. Shine bright

The fashion styles during the winter months tend to be dull and dark. Why not stand out this year by adding something bold and bright touches to your outfit? Neon colors are very trendy at the moment. These colors are full-on so just add a few splashes of brightness here and there. Go for a neon clutch, earrings or nail varnish to lift your outfit. If you are afraid of shining that bright, opt for colors that are not as vibrant. Look for items in plum, emerald green and cherry red. These colors are all on trend this winter and will add oomph to your outfits.

  1. Statement eyes

Exaggerate your eyes with bold eyeshadow shades. Use colors that work well at brightening your natural eye color. If you have brown eyes that suit green shades, then use the brightest shade of green you can find. Apply it to the top lid and add a little underneath and in the corner of your eye for a sexy, sophisticated look. Christmas colors like silver, gold and bronze will also exaggerate your eyes and make you stand out. If you are wearing bright eye shadow shades, remember to match this with your outfit. Wearing black will help your eye color stand out and it goes with every shade. You may like the idea of changing the natural color of your eyes for one night. It is possible to buy all kinds of contacts online in a variety of colors including red, pink and purple.

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  1. Restyle your hair

Try something different with your hair. We all have hairstyles that we are comfortable with, and these are the ones we tend to wear day in day out. If you are used to wearing your hair down, give it a bit of oomph by curling it with curling irons and then pinning it in a tousled updo. If you have short hair, consider adding hair extensions to give you a whole new look. Very long hair always stands out, so the more the merrier! You may also want to consider changing the color of your hair. Have a look around at colors that would suit your skin tone and natural coloring. You can always opt for a semi-permanent color if you don’t want to make a lasting change.

  1. Wear a hat

Hats are a great way to grab attention, and there are many styles that are designed to be worn at parties. Make an exotic statement with a fashion turban. These accessories come in a variety of colors and materials. Often they are embellished or include a feather. You can achieve a vintage look with a 1920s cloche hat. Choose a style that is beaded or made of lace.

Follow these tips to add pizzazz to your party makeup and outfit, and you will look striking at your next Christmas function.