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Go-To Gift Ideas for Girly Friends

Do you keep a present cupboard or a stock-pile of gifts? It is perfect for whenever someone’s birthday or a special occasion arises. I’ve always thought it was a good idea, especially when you have to get a gift for someone you don’t know well. Or sometimes you know what they like, but you’re not sure what the occasion calls for. Even if you don’t keep a present cupboard, it’s always good to have an idea of what you can buy that just about everyone will love. Here are my ideas for go-to gifts that will cover any occasion for the females in your life.

Gift Hampers

Sometimes when you’re looking for gifts that are suitable for your friends, it can be hard to find something substantial. Some flowers or a candle might be thoughtful, but on their own they might not seem like enough. An excellent option for larger presents are gift baskets. You could buy one in advance to keep on hand or, more likely, order one whenever you need to send a present. You can find them with all sorts of themes, from beer to chocolate or tea and biscuits. You could even put one together yourself. You just need a cute basket and some of her favourite things. How about putting together a non-edible one filled with beauty products and bath bombs?


Who doesn’t love a new piece of jewellery? Some pieces will depend on the budget you have for the gift.  There is a large variety available. From big costume jewellery items to more elegant handmade pearl jewellery. Just think about the friend in question and what her style is like and you won’t go too far wrong.



Flowers and Chocolates

Flowers and chocolates might seem like obvious gifts, but they really are suitable for any occasion. Choosing their favourites always adds a really personal touch too. If the celebration is a big deal, you could buy them a bigger bouquet or box of chocolates or hey, even both! You could keep chocolates in a gift cupboard too (if you have one), as long as they aren’t in there for months on end. Look for ordering flowers online too. If you can’t deliver in person, having them ordered online is the next best thing.


If you want things that will keep for as long as you want in your present stock, items for the home are perfect. While you might know some people that won’t use anything they haven’t picked out themselves, most people love homewares. It could be a set of candles, a vase, some mugs or many other things. But if you don’t know what the inside of their house looks like, be careful about giving anyone anything too daring.

Now anytime you remember you need to get one of your girly friends a gift, there’s no need to panic about what to give them. Just use one of these go-to ideas, or get one straight out of your present cupboard.