Does Your Life Feel Empty? Get Involved with a Charity

Many people wish that they were more involved with their communities and that they gave more of their time and money to good causes. If you want to be a more generous person, it doesn’t take a lot to start helping out a charity. You don’t have to have a lot of money to give away or to be able to dedicate your entire life to an organization. All you need is just a couple of spare hours a week to volunteer for a charity whose cause resonates with you. If you want to start the New Year by changing your life and other people’s, follow these steps to get involved with a local charity.

Find a Suitable Charity

The first step is finding an organization you would like to get involved with. Perhaps a particular issue is important to you, such as homelessness or animal welfare. If you want to work with a charity in person, rather than remotely, you’ll need to find out what’s in your town. Have a think about what sort of charity you want to work with, but don’t enquire with the first one you’re drawn to. You should research a charity before you get involved with them to make sure you agree with their practices. You can check out how they send their money and what sort of charitable activities they carry out.

Decide What to Do

There are lots of different roles you can fill as part of a charity. Most charities need volunteers to do a broad range of things, from running stores and marketing to campaigning and raising funds. If you have professional skills, you could be a great asset to an organization. Perhaps you have admin skills or you work in sales and can apply your abilities in a charity setting. Fundraising could take lots of different forms. You might do a sponsored event, such as a marathon, or you might collect funds with a bucket at an event. You could even be in charge of looking for fundraising ideas whether it’s using donor bricks or launching a new campaign. Your role will depend on your interests and your abilities, as well as how much time you have to give.


Howard Lake

Getting Involved

When you’ve found a charity you would like to volunteer for, and you have an idea of what you want to do, you can contact them to ask about volunteering. If you just wish to raise money for an organization, you probably don’t need to do anything except hand the money over afterward. You can probably get some helpful promotional material and tips for fundraising on their website. However, if you want to volunteer for a particular role, you first need to see what they have available. Applying for a volunteering position can be a bit like applying for a job. They will often want to see your resume or ask you to fill out an application form. You might also have to prove that you have no criminal record, so they know you’re responsible enough for working with other, possibly vulnerable, people.