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Anybody Can Look Like a Model: Here’s How

If you asked most girls what they wanted to look like, I’d put money on the fact that many of them would say ‘model’. However, there are many different types of model. There are the thin models you see on the catwalk, the curvy models you see wearing plus size clothing, and even the athletic models that show off bikinis and swimsuits. The truth is, anybody can look like a model. That’s right; anybody! Whether you want to pursue a career as a model or simply have model looks, follow this advice to get to where you want to be:


Concentrate on Eating a Balanced Diet


You definitely don’t want to starve yourself to be a model, so you can get that out of your head this instance! Getting model looks is all about eating a healthy, balanced diet. It’s all about nutrition these days, and making sure your body gets all of the vitamins and minerals it needs. Starving yourself will only eat away at your muscle tissue, giving you a skinny fat appearance. You’ll also be more susceptible to diseases and problems with the body. By eating a balanced diet, you’ll look and feel great, while making sure you stay as healthy as possible. Let yourself have a small treat once in a while too, just don’t go overboard.


Exercise Regularly


You can’t have one without the other, so make sure you exercise in conjunction with your balanced diet. Some people think that they can exercise more while eating unhealthy foods to balance it out, but you can’t. You won’t see half as good results if you aren’t eating healthy foods to support your training. The harder you train, the more you’ll need to eat to support this regime. You don’t necessarily need to join a gym; just incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Go for walks, start jogging, and build up your strength with bodyweight exercises.

 Aviva Sinay

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Don’t Go OTT With Makeup


When wondering how to have your makeup, think of Ariadne Diaz. She likes enhancing her best features with makeup, not hiding them with inches of it all over her face. Practice getting your makeup look nice and natural but polished. Only wear statement makeup when going to a formal event or a big night out. Wearing false eyelashes in the day is a huge no no!


Wear Stylish Clothes


All models wear stylish clothes, whether they are skinny, athletic, or curvy. Take inspiration from your favourite celebrities to put some great outfits together.


Practice Posing

People will take pictures of you when you’re out and about, even if you’re just hanging out with your friends. Practice posing in the mirror so you can look your best. There’s nothing worse than having an atrocious photo out there for all to see. Practice your best smile, as well as standing and sitting poses. Learn your angles and how to make the most of the lighting you have.


Be Confident


Finally, be confident. All models are confident, so walk like you own the place and speak with enthusiasm. Love who you are and others will too!