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10 Fresh Recipe Ideas Suitable for Freezing

Although food is always best served just after cooking, in today’s busy world it is often more practical to cook some meals and then throw them in the chest freezer, ready for defrosting and heating up when we are ready to use them. This is very useful for busy households, or perhaps where people need to cook and then freeze meals ready for eating at work for example.

We’ve come up with a list of 10 of the best fresh recipe ideas suitable for freezing. For vegetarians, you can simply substitute any meat with Quorn or soya-based alternatives and still cook the meals in the same way.

Shepherd’s Pie

Image by BBC Good Food

Shepherd’s Pie is a great meal to have on cold nights, or perhaps if you fancy a traditional British meal to eat. There are four servings in this meal, and it takes just over an hour to prepare and cook it.

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Tri-coloure Lasagne

Image by Tesco Real Food

A favourite in many households is lasagne. It takes just under an hour to prepare and then cook in the oven, and with four servings there is plenty to go around.

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Beef and Guinness Stew

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This hearty meal is sure to tempt your taste buds and cheer you up on a cold winter’s night. It takes a while to cook (over 3 hours, but significantly less with a meat free alternative), and this burgeoning broth offers up to 8 servings.

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Hungarian Meatball Stew

Image by Every Day with Rachael Ray

Meatballs are a popular food creation that is used in many dishes. This Hungarian meatball stew only takes 40 minutes to prepare and cook, and can be served with buttered noodles. 4 servings are on offer with this recipe.

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Coconut, Chicken and Butternut Squash Curry

Image by Working Mother

Another winter warmer, this curry can be created in under an hour and can be served with some delicious basmati rice. This recipe provides for 2 to 3 people, and is perfect for freezing.

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Frying-pan Pizza with Smoked Mozzarella and Sun-dried Tomatoes

Image by Delia Online

This healthy vegetarian option is probably one of the easiest pizzas to make from home. It takes just over half an hour to cook, and tastes great! The best bit is because it uses scone dough you don’t need to spend ages kneading it!

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Mushroom Soup

Image by Vegangela

Another vegetarian-friendly meal, this mushroom soup is perfect for those times when you need a light meal, and it was something other than “naughty” food like chocolates, crisps or cake! It makes 4 to 8 servings, and only takes a few minutes to prepare and cook.

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Lamb Moussaka

Image by Delicious Magazine

This is a superb hearty meal recipe! The lamb moussaka is topped with feta cheese, and provides 8 servings. It takes just over an hour and a half to prepare and make, so it’s probably best to make this when you aren’t in a hurry!

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Smoked Mackerel and Chorizo Potatoes

Image by Delicious Magazine

If you’re feeling in a Spanish mood, then this recipe is for you! At only 25 minutes, it’s a quick and easy meal to make, and one that everyone will enjoy.

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Moroccan Lamb and Chickpea Stew

Image by Good Housekeeping

If instead you are looking for a taste of the Mediterranean, then check out this recipe for Moroccan lamb and chickpea stew! Although it takes just under 2 hours to prepare and cook, it will be worth it! This meal recipe has 8 servings.

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